The following forms the constitution of Knutsford Football Club, hereafter known as ‘the club’ issued on September 1st 2001
The club shall be known as Knutsford Football Club. The club shall be run as a non-profit voluntary organization and be affiliated to the Cheshire County Football Association or any other Football Association deemed necessary. At present it has three teams, but additional teams may be started when appropriate.
a) The club exists to provide opportunities to play association football for all
its members regardless of sex, race or religion. 
b) The club shall be run as a non profit organisation, with all excess monies
being re-invested into the club and its activities for the benefit of its members
a) The officers shall consist of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom shall stand for re-election at the end of each year.
b) The above positions shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting with
nomination being made to the secretary 10 days prior to the AGM
An Executive Management Committee (EMC), consisting of the officers, the team managers, and one elected official whose role will be determined by the EMC, shall control the running of the club. Three members of this group are required to form a quorum for meetings.
a) The property and assets of the club shall be vested in the EMC on behalf of all the members of the club.
b) The EMC shall have the power to appoint such sub committees as it deems necessary, and shall receive reports from such sub committees at its meetings.
c) The EMC shall have the power to suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club.
d) The EMC shall have the power to declare a seat vacant should a committee member absent themselves from three consecutive meetings without proper explanation, and co-opt another member 
EMC members wishing to resign must do so in writing to the secretary
a) Membership shall consist of playing and non playing members
b) A register of all members shall be kept by the club secretary
c) At the AGM each member shall have one vote.
d) Team managers will be appointed by the EMC
a) Annual subscriptions shall be set by the Executive Committee.
b) Subscriptions become payable by the 30th September
c) Prior to payment a copy of the club constitution and club rules will be made available